Entry #2

Make music? Wanna Collab? HMU

2016-03-05 12:42:32 by x3MbeRx


I felt like I should put this up just to have it here. I'm always looking to learn something new and working with others can't hurt! So... If you like my music and maybe want to try making a sick nasty track together, send me a message and I'll get back to you!


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2016-03-05 13:17:09

Maybe I won't collab, but maybe you wanna take a whack at rearranging one of my unfinished projects? Or maybe one of my shitty semi-dubstep tracks? I could just give you a MIDI file and let you do what you want with it, so long as you credit me.

x3MbeRx responds:

Sure thing! If you want to send me midis or whatever, throw me an email at embercat33@gmail.com and if I end up with anything cool I'll let you know ;)


2016-03-05 13:52:03

Okay. Most of the MIDI won't have drums because I usually use samples. I'm just gonna throw a bunch of them into a zip. Makes things easier.


2016-12-05 15:43:54

I would like to collab but i think our tracks are pretty much total opposites. Which software do you use?

x3MbeRx responds:

Hey man, unfortunately I'm incredibly busy with college finals coming up soon and my own projects so I'm afraid I'll have to decline this time. Real sorry, but best of luck with your music! I'll drop by and give your tracks a listen sometime.



2016-12-07 00:58:35

No problem